Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Name Game

The Name Game is a simple but effective game designed to help with beginning letter recognition and name spelling. Starting simply with the few letters of one's name.

I cut out squares of pretty shiny paper, backed by contrasting cardboard and wrote the letters of the children's names on them.

We discuss the letters and their sounds. How when they're put together in a certain order, they spell our names.
Given a piece of paper with her name written down, Miss 5 explored the letters and then making her tiles match her paper.
Miss 2 enjoyed freeplay and investigating the many letters of her name.

The tiles are kept together in the free play games draw, where the kids grab puzzles and games from for entertainment.

Who says learning can't be fun, free or willing.
I love freeschooling!
~HH Mumma

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