Sunday, 16 September 2012

Springtime Sunkisses: DIY Sunscreen Links

We don't use commercial sunscreen here. I firmly believe it's toxic.
Look at the ingredients on the tube or bottle, google them and look at their effects on our health.
I personally believe that commercial sunscreen causes cancer, not prevents it. So I won't put that stuff on the skin of my family. Not to mention, more often than not the actual sunscreen itself would burn our skin when we did use before turning to natural living.

Normally we've had to resort to sensible sun exposure. Early morning and late arvo sun for our cancer fighting, sleep inducing and immune boosting vit D rays. Under shade during the 'dangerous' hours with shirt and hat if going out in the sun (a pretty rare occurence in summer here with constant high 30's and low 40's).

Over the years we have tried a few 'natural' sunscreens, only to have them burn our sensitive skin in a short time. I'd rather take the sunburn thanks, it hurts less than chemical burn.

This year I'm going to do it... I'm going to try make my own sunscreen.
I've gathered a few recipes and will give them a try, before coming up with our own variation that suits our family perfectly.

The main ingredients seem to be about the same. Beeswax, Zinc Oxide and some form of vegetable based 'butter'. Give or take a few oils and essential oils, that's your basic sunscreen.

Here are some links to check out if you're interested also.

Please feel free to link any other good ones you know of, in the comments.

Have you made your own sunscreen?
Want to share your tips and suggestions you learned along the way?

~HH Mumma

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    This is the one I made and although it's a Thermomix recipe I'm sure you could convert it back. It is a bit thick, more like zinc cream but it it does absorb in with some rubbing and time. We're getting there with using natural ones though.